Dr. Stone – Won’t give up


Artista: Lillian Weinberg
Temporada: Verano 2019
Ficha de la serie: Dr. Stone

Romaji Traducción
How far we’ve come
How much we’ve changed
A thousand nights and a million tears
Now I can say that I’ve conquered my fear

If I could go back, what would I tell you
Wish you’d listen to the truth
Till then I’ll be patiently waiting right here

Promises are kept deep in the heart
Bells are ringing so loud
Our spirits will never die
As long as there is something worth fighting for

We won’t give up
Even if the sky is falling down
Even if the stars crash and burn the ground
We’ll believe our voice will reach the universe
We won’t give up till the end
We won’t give up till we smile again
Cuz we’re alive
Cuz we made a promise to the world
to the world

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