Levius – [Ending 2] Beautiful Doll


Artista: Miyano Mamoru
Temporada: Otoño 2019
Ficha de la serie: Levius
Descripción: Ending 2

Versión TV Versión Completa
You said that you fear to fight another day
It’s causing you pain in the sun
Many sleepless nights take you into the dark

My dearest, my precious, my beautiful doll
Please baby don’t cry mamorasete kimi wo zutto

You’re like a light in the sky
The only thing I can trust is my immortal love for you I promise

I will change your days forever
Sekai ga kuchihateyou to
Oh beautiful Our symphony
Chaotic and so peaceful finale

All I hear is the rain falling on my scars
I’ve waited in vain too long
It’s like a heartless song overshadows everything we’ve got

My beautiful doll saa oyasumi
Till your sorrow will eventually fade away
Nobody comes between us
I’m so glad to risk it all
I will sacrifice my whole life

Kibou no nai sekai nikushimi kanashii jidai
Dakara kimi to boku wa deaeta’n da ima

My true love will never die
Mirai wo kimi ni miseyou
Beautiful Our harmony
I dedicate this song to you
All the things that I got

I will change your days forever
Let me show you my own world
Oh beautiful Our symphony
Chaotic and so peaceful finale

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